World Champ Button Expects Vast Improvement in Australia

jensonbuttonReigning Formula 1 champion Jenson Button told the Associated Press that he expects a vast improvement in both his performance and the overall quality of racing at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix versus the season-opening race in Bahrain.

Button said that the street course in Melbourne suits both him and British teammate Lewis Hamilton. Button used a win in Australia last year as a springboard to the championship, while Hamilton finished third.

“I think we’ll be a lot closer here. This circuit should suit as well,” Button said Tuesday. “Lewis has had a good time here before and also I have so hopefully we can get a good result.

“Last year was a fairytale race for me. I took pole and victory, which was one of the most satisfying and emotional moments of my career.”

Button also acknowledged that the one-tire stop rule that debuted in Bahrain made teams extra cautious and led to single file racing with little passing.

“The last race was not the most exciting from a fan’s point of view,” Button said. “I think we can improve it and it takes all of us to look at what happened and not get too worried about it and hope that this race is better.

“We all need to work on improving the spectacle if it’s not there – but hopefully it will be.”

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