US F1 Trailers For Sale on eBay

usf1teamlogo2Want to buy a Formula 1 team trailer? You have the chance if you act now and get on eBay soon. According to the New York Times, the equipment from the disbanded US F1 team is currently for sale on eBay, including two trailers originally purchased from the Brawn GP team and which currently display the previous team’s logo.

According to Autosport, the trailers were part of assets seized by British court after a judgment won by one of the team’s debtors.

“As a keen motorsport fan, it is certainly one of the more interesting seizures we’ve made,” said David Carter, director of the sheriff’s office responsible for enforcing the High Court writ. “The trailers were recently bought from Brawn GP by the judgment debtor and really are something special. We’ve already has a lot of interest and are now selling them via eBay.”

The eBay auction is scheduled to end on April 16. As of Tuesday morning, the current high bid was £23,000.

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