Tensions within Force India

Despite a bigger budget for the  2008 season and technical achievements like the recently debuted seamless gearbox, there are more and more rumours suggesting that there isunease within the Force India camp, this it seems is due to disagreements between team principal Colin Kolles and technical boss Mike Gascoyne. The discord also has to do with the fact that team owner Vijay Mallya has recently realised that in order to be competitive he is going to have to spend a lot more money:

Mallya, however, said recently that he is committed to the project for 2009.

“One realises how tough Formula One really is and it reinforces the challenge that I have before me for 2009 to be really competitive,” he said.

“I now know precisely what I’m up against, so I can plan better.

“Maybe I learned the hard way, but it’s good to learn. So 2009 will be much more competitive for the Force India team,” the Indian billionaire added.

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