Ferrari investigating engine failures

Ferrari are looking into their recent spate of engine failures which have cost them valuable points over the last couple of races. I guess this is what happens when you bend the rules to get that extra bit of performance and suffer the lack of reliability that follows. I dont know what the process of modifying the engine to improve reliability is with the engine freeze, but im thinking that it is likely to take longer with a probably review process from the FIA.

Stefano Domenicali says “Unfortunately, once again, we have suffered with a reliability problem, this time on Kimi’s car, which lost us precious points. Now we have to find out what happened in yet another engine failure and then decide how to react. Clearly what happened is serious and we will have to do all in our power to make up for the ground we have lost through reliability problems in the coming races.”

So even if Ferrari figure out the problem, then have their engineers work on a solution which will have to fit within the parameters of allowed modifications by the FIA, you’re still looking at potentially a week or two minimum which might leave just enough time for it to be used for the Spa/Monza double header. This is probably the target with both those tracks exceptionally hard on engines and losing points now would be catastrophic for both championships.

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