Could Formula 1 Return to the Brickyard?

usgpDespite a fractured relationship, there is still a chance that Formula 1 racing could return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the future. The Indianapolis Business Journal reported this week that IMS officials have confirmed that they are in talks with Formula 1 rights holder Bernie Ecclestone to bring racing back to the Brickyard, even if a goal of a race in 2011 might be unreasonable.

“We continue to have dialogue with Formula One, and we’ve long maintained we’re interested in hosting their events,” said IMS spokesman Chris Schwartz. “2011 would be a long shot. Obviously, there’s a lot to consider.”

IMS hosted Formula 1 races from 2000 to 2007. The first race attracted more than 200,000 fans – a number which was eventually cut in half by the last race. A disastrous race in 2005 which saw only six cars run due to tire problems caused a significant chill in the relationship between IMS and Formula 1 and doubtlessly played a large role in the demise of the race.

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