Artificially rubber a track?

I was watching the coverage of the European GP recently and there were a lot of complaints about the track being green due to the lack of running prior to the first free practice on friday. So what happened then was that the front running teams sat back and waited while the usual midfield and lower teams swept the track cleaned and rubbered it in slightly.

Overnight rain meant that the saturday morning practice was also run on a “green” track and the process had to begin all over again. While this might not bother me sitting at home and watching it on TV, for the person who bought tickets to have to sit in the grandstand and watch a few cars come out for most of a practice session is just crazy.

So here’s the solution i propose, if the front runners are waiting for the track to be rubbered in before they come out, then lets not give them any chance for an excuse, the FIA can either acquire or make their own basic formula one type open wheel car which can accomadate bridgestone tyres. These cars (not sure how many will be needed) can then prior to the friday morning session can run flat out and nonstop with preheated tyres and rubber in the track. This will solve the problem of not enough running during the early part of the practice sessions.

If it rains overnight this process can be repeated before the saturday morning practice session. But here’s the real clincher, this rubbering in process can be done for a couple of hours before a race and instead of running on the (by then rubbered) racing line, they can run along the unused parts of the track thereby doing the areas thereby removing those pesky marbles of the track. This will reduce the penalty for the drivers going offline to overtake and we just might see some more overtaking. Now how do i tell the FIA?

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