Williams not giving up

Despite the recent drop in performance, Frank Williams has ruled out moving the focus of the team towards the 2009 car.

“We are here to race every race, not half a year. We are running two separate programmes – one (on the current car) with far more resources presently than the other.”

This has been made possible because of the an early focus on the design of the 2009 car, making in unnecessary to start shifting resources at this stage of the championship.

“We started the mechanical design of next year’s car quite a while ago , and we started the aero work with a small group last October/November,” he said.

“Right now, as has always been the case, we have more people on the racing car presently racing than the new car because we started early. So the pressure isn’t on to put a massive effort onto that (2009) car.”

Having said that, with most of the people on this years racing car they havent got much to show for it. However, to be fair to them they have been wrestling with two or three fairly fundmentals problems with the car and these things take a long time to iron out.

Recently Nico Rosberg was saying how at least one of those problems had been sorted out and we should the parts tested and raced with the next few weeks and is confident that it will make the difference.

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