Weather will decide title – Whitmarsh

McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh believes that the weather will be a crucial deciding factor on who will walk away with the 2008 Formula One titles. Ferrari are known to prefer higher track temperatures while McLaren have shown to favour the opposite.

“I think Ferrari were pleased the sun came out on Sunday as I’m sure they feel when the track temperature really heats up that’s when their car really comes to them,” Whitmarsh said.

“We’e now entering extremely interesting territory where we wont be entirely certain what sort of temperatures we’ll be encountering at some of the future races: Monza is likely to be hot and Singapore will probably be cooler, but the races at Spa, Fuji, Shanghai and Brazil could just as easily be sweltering as torrential,” he added. “Regardless, we will continue to make changes to our car right through until Brazil.”

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