Valencia GP Friday Quotes : Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen – 1st: “I like driving this track: it is different to other street circuits we have known. Yesterday, when I walked the track, I thought it would be fun and today confirmed that impression. There are some very quick parts and almost everywhere there’s a lot of room, maybe similar to some of the North American circuits used in the past. They have really done a good job. Today, our weekend got off to a good start, but obviously it is far too early to say where we are compared to the opposition. Overtaking? It will be difficult, as always: I hope I don’t need to by getting the best position in qualifying. The setup we have found today is not bad, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.”

Felipe Massa – 4th: “They were two enjoyable sessions with the lap times tumbling bit by bit as the drivers lapped and got confidence in the track layout. The track surface is still very dirty and it is easy to make mistakes which can lose you precious tenths and to do a good lap time you have to be perfect. I like the track: there’s a nice atmosphere and I have to say the organizers have done a good job. Today, it was important that we find a good base setup immediately and we managed to do that.”

Stefano Domenicali, team principal: “It was a good day. We worked well and acquired a lot of data from this track which, over the next few hours, will be used to prepare ourselves as well as possible for this weekend. From what we could see, given the usual unknowns on a Friday, we can say we are competitive. Whether we will be competitive enough to reach our target will only be revealed starting with tomorrow afternoon’s qualifying.”

Luca Baldisserri: “Overall, a good start to this Valencia weekend. It was important to get off on the right foot and we did. We had prepared a baseline set-up for the F2008 and it seems to be about right, which meant that right from this morning we could work on improving it. Both drivers are reasonably happy with the handling of the car. Now we have to analyse all the data we have gathered to work out how to move forward in terms of getting the best performance. Today the track has been very dirty, which was in fact predictable, however, the two types of Bridgestone tyre did not show up any great difference in their performance.”

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