Valencia bridge fears

The FIA’s technical delegate Charlie Whiting will be considering possible changes to the bridge section of the Valencia street circuit. According to the Spanish newspaper Diario AS, tyre supplier Bridgestone is concerned that a small height gap between the two sides of the swing bridge may lead to tyre punctures.

Whiting and his aides as they do at all races, inspected the track before lunch on Thursday, as did most of the twenty Formula One racers during their on-foot sighting laps.

Honda’s Rubens Barrichello, the most experienced driver in F1, raised another concern about the bridge section after he walked the track. He fears that if a car stops or crashes on the bridge, which is about 100 metres long, race control may need to stop the race as trucks would have to be brought onto the bridge to take away any stationary vehicles or wreckage.

“It’s not even a safety car issue, You would have to take the car away and bring trucks onto the bridge.” he added.

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