Theissen wants both cars in the points

In what is probably another public jibe at Nick Heidfeld to up his game, Mario Theissen has been talking about how they need to have both their cars in the points. Here is what he said:

“Nick’s F1.08 is scheduled to take on a new BMW P86/8 engine with a new transmission, while Robert will be driving with the same engine and gear box as in Valencia,” Theissen confirmed. “In the first two thirds of the season we didn’t have a single retirement caused by any technical fault. We aim BMW Sauber F1Team to maintain this high level of reliability. On the sporting side, we plan to improve further and see both cars finish solidly in the points at Spa.”

“Spa may not be the track with the highest speeds – that accolade belongs to Monza – but in Spa we have the longest stretch taken at full throttle. Since the modification of the famous Eau Rouge corner and the introduction of V8 engines, drivers can go flat-out through the section from the hairpin shortly after the start, through the hollow and then uphill again,” he added. “In last year’s race we calculated that our drivers held the pedal to the floor for more than 1,865 metres, or 24 seconds. Engine power and stability are key requirements here.”

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