Raikkonen will support Massa for title if nessecary

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domencialli has been quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport
that Kimi Raikknon will play the support role to Felipe Massa to clinch the title if it is necessary. The timing of this statement is interesting since its probable that the decision to back one driver in order to secure the championship is probably close, maybe even as close as after the Spa/Monza double header.

“We spoke about it at the beginning of the year. Before then, however, let’s see how things evolve.” he Said.

He still maintains that Raikkonen will return to form.

“For me it doesn’t represent a problem. He’ll react, he’ll soon be strong again, he knows how to keep away from criticisms and polemics,”

Maybe this is the kick up the backside that Raikkonen will need to get his mind back in the game. Either way we’re in for an interesting three weeks.

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