Raikkonen concedes championship chances are gone

Kimi Raikonnen has conceded that his chances of winning the championship have pretty much dissapeared with his retirement from the Singaporean Grand Prix. His deficit to Lewis Hamilton is now 27 points and with only 30 points remaining from the last three races, it would take a miracle for him to clinch the title.

“It was a pretty small chance anyhow,” Raikkonen said about his title chances.I’m not sad for my fifth place but I’m sorry for the team to lose those points. But for sure we’ll try to do better next race.”

He was still not very clear about supporting Massa’s title bid, when he said:

“I know what the team wants – they want to win the world championship,” he added. “We will see what happens. I’m trying to win races too and we will see what happens. I’m out of the championship anyhow.”

He also denied that his crash towards the end of the race was due to a lack of concentration on his part:

“No. I wanted to stay close in places to the Toyota because there were only two places that I could get very close and have any chance if he made a small mistake.

“That was one – before the back straight I needed to get very close and unfortunately I touched the kerb slightly too much and just when you hit that quite hard you can’t turn too much and I couldn’t turn any more so I just went a bit wide and hit the wall. Not the tyre wall, but the plastic blocks and I took the wheel off.”

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