Book review : The Science of Formula 1 Design by David Tremayne

Ive been reading this book, The Science of Formula 1 Design by David Tremayne for awhile now, and the reason ive taken so long so far is because like most good books, you want to savour it. The book was published in 2004 and although you would think that with formula one’s rapid technological pace, that the book would be outdated, thanks to rule stability is it a really interesting and relevant book for the modern formula one fan.

The book is 157 pages long and is divided into sections based on the different aspects of a formula one car, Aerodynamics, Chassis, Engine, Transmission, Electronics, Suspension & Steering, Brakes, Tyres and Improving the breed. As you can probably imagine the Aerodynamics takes the largest part of the book and rightly so since aero performance is what makes or breaks a formula one cars performance these days.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any formula one fan, there were times i couldnt put it down and im actually going to be looking at reading it again sometimes soon. It is a must buy. Enjoy!

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