McLaren to Provide Support to 2012 UK Olympic Team

rowingHoping to add to its haul of medals as the host country during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, UK Sport has turned to Formula One technology to gain a competitive edge. According to the Daily Telegraph, McLaren experts will be working with British athletes in an attempt to improve their training and performance.

According to the report, McLaren will start by assisting athletes in cycling, canoeing, rowing and sailing by sharing “their state-of-the-art technology to take the guesswork out of training sessions and provide accurate measurements of an athlete’s performance.”

“We want McLaren to apply some of its technology to the outside world,” Dr. Caroline Hargrove, program director for McLaren Applied Technologies, told the newspaper. “We are still secretive in the Formula One world but we don’t feel that any of this compromises what we are doing. It’s far enough removed but there is also a lot of commonality, so why should we spend so much effort and not let it permeate other areas?”

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