Martin Whitmarsh : Minor aero updates for Spa

McLaren will be introducing some minor aero updates for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix,  at this stage of the championship its likely that all teams are introducing updates to find that edge

“We’ve got a number of smaller aero developments in the pipeline – there’s nothing on the car that will be visually very startling, but there’s plenty of detail work,” said team boss Martin Whitmarsh. “We’re also focusing on further mistake-proofing our systems: the championship is going to be a hard-fought slog until the end of the year and we need to leave no stone unturned in our quest for additional performance and improved reliability.”

“From a human and physical perspective, these two races are also pivotal to our title challenge – it’s vital that every member of the team pulls together to make sure these races pass without undue incident and set us up nicely for the final flyaway races,” he added.

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