Jersey City Formula One Race a No-Go

liberty-state-parkJust as quickly as the possibility of a Formula One race coming to New Jersey was raised it was extinguished. Yesterday the Jersey City News reported that a city tourism agency had reached out to FIA to propose a race at a temporary course at Liberty State Park, located directly across from the Statue of Liberty. However, reports of the proposal quickly caught the interest of historical preservation groups concerned with the effects the race might have at the park, and today the paper reported that Jersey City’s mayor asked the tourism office to withdraw their proposal.

“After a review of the draft proposal prepared by the City’s Tourism Office, I have come to the same conclusion as Sam Pesin and the Friends of Liberty State Park that this type of event is not suited for Liberty State Park,” said Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy in a statement today.

Pesin heads the Friends of the Liberty State Park is the son of the founder of the park. He said that he had deep concerns about the environmental impact of a Formula One race at the park.

“Mayor Healy did reach out to me yesterday and we had a very constructive conversation,” he said. “I’m very grateful that his further review of the proposal by the city’s Tourism official and also his heart and family values led him to this decision.”

Pesin added, “Instead of a negative wasteful controversy, we can all focus on working together on positive efforts to benefit Jersey City and Liberty State Park.”

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