Honda looking for Monza setup

Honda just completed three days of testing at the Monza circuit, spilitting their testing effort between finding the setup for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix. Despite three days of testing they are still to come up with a setup they can be happy with for Monza.

“Both drivers had their work split this week between preparation for the next race in Spa and the subsequent race at Monza,” team boss Ross Brawn explained. “Monza is a unique circuit with very high speed and low downforce characteristics which gives the driver difficulties in the big braking areas and with traction out of the slow corners. Our drivers suffered all the classic problems that we habitually experience at Monza, and without traction control, engine driveability adds another dimension to the challenge.”

“We have not achieved a perfect set-up and balance this week and have further work to do in analysing the data before we return for the race in two weeks time,” he added.

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