Heidfeld told to lift his game

BMW Sauber in no uncertain terms have told Nick Heidfeld to lift his game, following yet another sub-par performance in Valencia in stark contrast to another solid performance from Robert Kubica. What seemed like an upsurge in his form has been negated by his performances in the last two races.

Theissen said: “I am not sure. What we saw in Valencia was mixed again and, in the second run in qualifying two, it was almost a perfect lap. He was struggling before in two specific areas of the track and in that one lap he was able to do that very cleanly.

“I hope it gives him the confidence to be strong again in the races, he has been strong, I think he will be back on track.”

Does his qualifying form make an impact on their decision? he replied “It has to, because if you look what you can do from P10, it is limited.”

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