FIA Approves McLaren’s Rear Wing Design for 2010

mclaren2010BBC Sport reports today that the FIA has approved McLaren’s controversial new rear wing design for its 2010 F1 cars. The Red Bull team had asked for a clarification on the new wing design, which reduces drag and improves top-end speed, but FIA technical chief Charlie Whiting has apparently reviewed the wing and approved it for use beginning with the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend.

Rear wing designs were at the center of controversy last season as well; the double-decker diffuser used by Brawn, Toyota and Williams created a legal row that eventually made its way to F1’s Court of Appeal before being resolved. But despite Red Bull team head Christian Horner’s earlier assessment that the McLaren wing caused “a bit of a fuss,” there are apparently no major obstacles to the start of this season.

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