Drivers concerned about KERS system

Mark Webber and the rest of the drivers have expressed concern over the safety of the KERS systems’ that are going to be used next year. Those fears have been founded on the fact they are currently awaiting a report from the BMW Sauber as to what caused the mechanic to get such a violent shock at the last test.

Webber said: “There is a report coming from BMW about what happened there, but the rumour is they haven’t a clue why it happened. They have no idea – and that is a worry.” Yeah, that would worry me too, considering that it could happen during a race weekend and that puts the drivers, mechanics and even trackside marshalls in a potentially hazardous situation.

BMW Sauber will eventually pony up an explanation, its unlikely to satisfy most of the drivers, but what would be quite interesting is if they actually dont come up with an explanation. Then what? I guess time will tell..

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