BMW not giving up on the 2008 season

Mario Theissen, the BMW Sauber team principal believes that the focus for the team in 2008 is still to fight with Ferrari and Mclaren after admitting that they have underperformed in recent races.

Former world championship leader Robert Kubica has scored just seven points in the last four races and the team have also dropped to third place in the constructors’ championship, but somewhat surprisingly Theissen says his team have not yet settled for the best-of-the-rest tag yet.

“We have underperformed certainly in Budapest and maybe in the races before as well,” said Theissen when asked by whether the priority was now to focus on staying ahead of Toyota and Renault. “We still want to catch the two in front of us.

This is an interesting bit of news, the possibility is that BMW are bringing some developments online which might bring them up to par in terms of performance with both Ferrari and Mclaren, formula one is all about attrition these days and another consistent run of podiums and the odd win might bring Kubica and BMW back into contention.

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