Alonso moving to Honda for 2009?

Fernando Alonso has been saying recently that he doesnt see Renault making a big leap next year even with the rule changes. Now being in the position he is in he obviously knows something we dont know and that could mean only one thing:

He is moving to Honda. He is doing so because he does believe that Renault have not commited the kind of resources they have to 2009 and that Honda are already far ahead in terms of next years car. We already know that they have the only track run KERS system and that pretty early on the year the majority of resources were shifted to  next years car. he also stated that no “car fighting at the back has made the jump to the front in a year”, this helps play down the expectations game for both him and Honda next year.

Now i could be wrong but indications are lately that there was an agreement that had been reached for a single year 15 million pound contract. this is in line with keeping his options open for a 2010 move to Ferrari when Kimi’s contract is up.

If he does move over to Honda for 2009 then that means that the game is up for Rubens since it is unlikely that they will give Jenson the boot. We could potentially see Rubens announcing his retirement in the near future if the deal is done.

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