2010 Formula One calendar to feature 21 races?

Mexican racing official Jose Abed, an FIA vice-president has stated recentl that Mexico now wants a spot on the formula one calendar. A little tidbit of information that seems to have slipped out is that Bernie Ecclestone has been given the green light (im guessing from the FIA) to add two further races for the 2010 formula one season.

With Abu Dhabi becoming the 19th race on the calendar next year (2009) and now with this news that there might be two more races in 2010 could add up to a whopping 21 races. This seems more and more likely now since next year will not have the three week summer break we have had these last few years.

Now we know Mexico hopes to be one of those races but with India, Russia and South Korea all lining up for a spot some of our much loves european races could be under threat. At least one consolation for the British is that with the Donington announcement we know the British grand prix is safe. For the time being.

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