Your car is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot

Each year vehicles comes with new added features. Can you imagine Internet in your car? That is exactly what is offered by GM. GM is leading the pack. For 2015, the most surprising and significant update from General Motors is the OnStar 4G LTE with a standard, built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for GM models. They include selected 2015 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. GM announced that they are working on the concept as early as 2013 and introduced the service in June 2014 for 2015 models. Their preferred service provider is AT&T. According to GM, a three-month or three-gigabyte, whichever comes first, service will be offered free of charge as a trial.


GM promises a stronger signal and faster and reliable connection. It means faster mobile data speeds, streaming video, and enhanced Internet safety. Imagine your kids sitting in the backseat constantly complaining about nothing to watch or not having Netflix? Now imagine them quietly watching all what they want. What a relief for parents? Wi-Fi hotspots are not just for kids. Adults can surf the Web too. Audi, Chrysler and Ford are also joining the band wagon. Chrysler started offering the service in 2008 but was limited to 50 yards.