Who can benefit from leasing a car?

You can drive off a new car with minimum or no money down with a leasing of a vehicle. You agree on terms, usually 36 months and a monthly payment. You maintain the vehicle and if you stay within the limits such as maximum mileage at the end of the term, you give the vehicle back to the dealer. If you decide at that time you want to buy the same car, you can do that. But overall it may cost you more than if you had purchased the car in the first place. If you are unable to come up with the down payment and licensing fees to buy a car, you like to drive a new vehicle every three years, or if you are business owner looking for a vehicle for business purposes, leasing may be a better option than buying a vehicle.

With leasing you avoid paying sales tax on the entire purchase price. Most vehicles comes with a warranty and for business owners lease payments can be written off when filing taxes if the vehicle is used for business purposes. Before entering into a lease agreement read fine prints carefully and looks around for a better deal.