Used Supercars may be more affordable than you think!

supercar-usedWhat’s stopping you from buying a super car? For most people, the first response is money. The myth that supercar prices are too expensive is quite pervasive and has given the market an elite feel. Reality is somewhat different. Supercars under $50,000 are plentiful and relatively common. They can be your stepping stone into the world of supercar ownership.

Look Outside the US

Did you know you can save a lot on foreign cars now, while the markets are favorable to consumers? Currency exchange rates and shipping rates are competitive. If you can afford to do so, there’s never been a better time to import the dream vehicle you’ve always wanted. Just remember to research shipping and hauling companies alongside your purchase. You’ll want to utilize a supercar price guide to find the best possible country to buy from, and you might be surprised to find the car’s home country isn’t always the best place.

Research the Models

The more you know about a particular model, the more you understand its market. You’ll be able to shop for cars and find good prices if you look for a particular year. In many cases, going up or down a few years won’t change anything fundamental about the car that you can’t fix yourself later on (and for a better price than driving it off the lot).

Buying Tips

The two things to keep in mind when you’re buying a supercar is maintenance and age. After a certain period of time, supercars don’t really depreciate in value. It may be worth it to buy a vintage-aged version of your favorite as opposed to something newer. Also, recommended maintenance is exactly that. Extend it at your own risk, but you’re not preserving a warranty. You can go above and beyond every so often. is a global research agency dedicated to providing accurate pricing information for high end supercars, both new and used. We enable supercar sales professionals as well as supercar enthusiasts to compare supercar prices by make, model, year and country.