The Golden Age of Formula 1

A book by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch with a foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart and sold by amazon. The 215 page hardcover was first published in November 2010. The book covers the golden age of Formula 1 from 1962 to 1969 with over two hundred pages of 11X14 amazing black and white pictures taken by the author. Schlegelmilch photographic experience spans over 50 years and book correctly portray the genius of the author.

His pictures capture the courage, enthusiasm and bravery of each race car driver. Captions of each photograph provided by Hartmut Lebrink and the author’s humor with few words bring each frame to life. The driver and actual racing frames transport the viewer to an era of golden racing. Even though the still frames cannot translate the noise, danger and speed, the frames leave everything to the viewer’s imagination.

Some noteworthy frames include racing legend of Phil Hill, Graham Hill, Jo Siffert and Bob Anderson and Grand Prix of Monaco.

The Formula 1 is still the world’s number one fastest and glamorous sport. The Golden Age of Formula 1 captures the essence of racing and brings it to the reader/viewer with life like black and white photographs.