Red Flags in Used Car Buying

When you’re trying to sell your car in Burbank, you typically intend on using the proceeds to buy a new car to get around in. Some people re-invest in used cars, but no matter how you choose to proceed you’ll want to avoid these red flags.


Don’t ever go to a car lot just to browse. Sales people know that browsers only need to be pushed in the right direction, often paying for extended warranties and other upgrades too. They’ll focus on what you want, such as which amenities are your preferred upgrades, and they’ll sell anything that fits that very narrow scope. This is a sales tactic that can lead you to the wrong vehicle. When you plan to sell your used car in Burbank, make sure you’ve researched your next purchase.


While it doesn’t happen as often these days, sales people will often try and make the car you’re selling fit into a certain equation. For example, giving a trade in may cause the sales person to only show you certain cars and not the entire lot. They may offer better amenities depending on what you’re willing to finance, even if some other car is in your price range. This happens a lot with cash buyers, so be wary.

Inspections and Appraisals

At Bidlane, located at 1107 Flower St. in Burbank, the appraisal process is standardized and fairly quick. You’ll also receive an offer good for three days to buy your old car. Most car lots won’t make that kind of offer, preferring instead to push you into a high pressure situation. They’ll poke holes in your upholstery and try underhanded tactics to convince you their low ball offer is actually great for you.

At Bidlane, located at 1107 Flower St. in Burbank, you always get more when you sell your car in Burbank.