Money saving driving tips


Even though gas prices are substantially lower these days compared to last year, don’t splurge. Use some of these ideas to work for you.

  • Drive in eco mode. Many new cars come with this feature. This is achieved by modifying the transmission shift schedule, throttle response, and engine parameters to enhance efficiency. In newer cars, the eco mode vehicle runs at 2,000 to 3,000 RPM saving you gas and money.
  • Follow the posted freeway speed limit. Unfortunately nobody follow this. But faster you drive, faster you burn more gas. Driving at the posted speed may seems slow but it saves gas and money.
  • Do not accelerate towards a stop sign. Anticipate the stop and take your foot off the gas paddle. This not only slows the vehicle but also give you the ability to bring your vehicle to full stop.
  • Peddle to the metal burn more gas. When you are accelerating from a stop, do it gently to save gas and money.
  • When you run errands combine all your trips into one. If your destinations are within walking distance from one another, pick a point central to all and walk to all your destinations. It prevents unnecessary vehicle emission associated with each stop and start. Also saves you gas and money.