Maintenance and Repair for Farm Equipments

Written by Worthington Ag Parts

All equipment and machinery will at some point, break down after years of service. Regular maintenance helps in prolonging the lifetime of your tractor, grain auger and other farm equipment. When should a farm implement their maintenance schedule? Do not wait for dying signs from your tractor before you check its parts. Though this might consume some time from your farm schedule, this should be done daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly.

As they say, prevention is the best medicine. For daily checks, you should include the oil filter and level, radiator, air cleaner. Keep them on the right level and refill whenever needed. This way, your equipment will be ready for next day’s work. Weekly checks should include making sure the tyres have the right air pressure and the battery water level should be refilled. For engine oil, drain the remaining and replace it with clean grade oil. Check also the brakes, make sure they work properly, and adjust if something doesn’t feel right. Monthly maintenance should include cleaning the diesel filter. You might need to repair or replace this after every couple months.

Understand that your tractors work hard and mostly in the future, the parts will need repair or replacements. Buying new equipment can be costly and would be best only as the last resort. Look for bargain deals on used Ag stores like Worthington Ag Parts. That way you can repair your equipment within a good budget with used combine parts. You should have a list of Ag parts and supply local stores and websites that you can get into in case you need to repair your equipment.

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