Leather Honey leather conditioner

This is a product that is clear and felt like bee honey. You can use it on any leather product such as hand bags from Coach or leather jackets. The leather absorbs the honey and gives it a shine and softer feel when touched. You can apply many coats as you wish as agreed by the manufacturer but you may over do it if you apply more than two coats. All you need is a rag to apply the product and wipe it off. My experience is that not to use a surface like granite counter top to place the leather because the application of the product can create an oily surface.

If you have a vehicle with leather seats, you know how expensive to replace with new. You can use Leather Honey to revitalize your existing car seats.

You may want to apply the product to a small area that is not visible to evaluate the color and shine after the application since the product tends to darken the existing color. If you are happy with the outcome you can refinish your leather product with great results.

A premium conditioner since 1968 and sold at Amazon for $25.95 with free shipping.