It’s time to review your auto insurance policy

As you go through your life changes, your auto policy should keep up with those changes. Here are some life changing events that will trigger review of your auto policy.

Major events: Let say you got married and your current policy was taken before your marriage and that should trigger a review of your policy. Some other major events include your child reaching the driving age and you buy a new or used car, motorcycle or a RV. Keep in mind, some of these events may trigger review of your other insurance policies, such as home and life insurance.

You have more than one policy with your insurance carrier: Having multiple policies with an insurance carrier may qualify you for a discount that saves money. You may also qualify for a discount if you add an alarm or a qualified feature to your vehicle.

Change of contact information: If you move, make sure to inform your insurance carrier. This is not limited to your home insurance. Some auto insurance policy premiums take the location into consideration when they set your premium.

Availability of new products: Insurance companies add new products and services all the time. These changes may help you to reduce your premium.