Insurance considerations when renting a car

car rentalWhen you rent a car sales people tend to dwell on rental car insurance. They are required to offer insurance by law and it is up to you to decide whether you get insurance from them or not. Consider the following before buying rental car insurance.

As a rule of thumb your primary vehicle insurance will cover your rental car as long as the driver of the rental car is covered under your policy. Coverage may include liability including injuries to others, property damage, and repairs to the rental car if a collision occur. Under the comprehensive coverage of your regular vehicle coverage you get protection for damages related to theft and vandalism. Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, should cover if any personal property stolen from your rental car. One good way to get the coverage and ascertain the availability is by talking to your insurance agent during trip planning and before leaving your home.

Consider collision coverage waiver offered by the rental car agency. It is a faster way to handle any accidents and resolve related claims much faster and easier. Many rental car agencies will offer “loss of use” coverage due to an accident and for the period they are unable to use the vehicle for rent. Give them a consideration.