High-End Car Companies Rely On Brand Status to Attract New Buyers

Targeting a specific consumer base and promoting self-indulgence is where today’s marketing lies.

High-end car brands require a different marketing approach than cheaper brands. This is unsurprisingly obvious. But, how do they advertise their cars in such a way? Well, for one, they advertise the full extent of the car and all the amenities that are included in it. They also target their audience and cater to the consumer’s needs.

Car Adverts

In order for car companies to succeed, they need to set themselves apart from their competition. They need to showcase all that the newest model has to offer, and design a commercial that caters to a specific crowd. Steve Doctrow, Executive Vice President of Rogers & Cowan, worked with Maserati on developing marketing campaigns. He firmly believes that creativity is a strong element of targeting a consumer base.

For example, when you think Maserati, what are the first few things that pop into your mind? Most of you would associate luxury, style, and speed with the esteemed brand. Their premium image is ingrained in your memory through advertisements, commercials, and word mouth.


Marketing luxury cars requires there to be a sense of self-indulgence embedded within the advertisements or commercials. It’s a key element of marketing. Car companies will thrust the viewer into the seat of the car and practically give them a 360 degree view. They’ll also showcase the strongest features of the car, such as how it handles, the top speed, and even additional features like emergency sensors that stops the car on its own.

The Bottom Line

Premium car models continue to be sold at high levels throughout the world. The next time you’re in front of a television, analyze the commercials that you see and pinpoint what they’re trying to market to the average consumer. Here’s a hint: they stick out like a sore thumb.