Giving Your RV a Remodel

Written by: The Foam Factory


The first sign of wear typically occurs on the outside of your RV. If you’ve been taking it for a machine wash, the high pressure hoses can strip the paint from the body over time or fade the colors. Revitalize your RV with a new coat of paint, and bring back the vibrancy of yesteryear. Retro body styles are in, but a fresh coat of paint will really complete the look. You can even build your paintjob into the theme of your vehicle, coordinating colors on the interior.

Water Damage

Water damage can come from anywhere in your RV, and it can cause serious wear over time. You should be prepared to do some major work checking out your RV for water damage. Rip out your RV bedding and check below the floor boards. Leaky pipes are the usual culprit, but water damage can apply to mold below your carpet caused by spills too. Tubs and showers are also susceptible, so be sure that you re-caulk them if you don’t find any immediate signs of wear.

Left unchecked, water can rot the wood in your RV’s cabinets and flooring. You might want to reface your counter tops if you see warping or bubbling of the enamel as well.

Upgrade Furniture

Adding a foam mattress to the sleeping area is a cost effective way to upgrade your furniture with something more comfortable. Foam can be useful in many situations around the RV. Foam padding in the walls can provide some insulation from the cold and prevent heat loss. Foam in the seat cushions provides extra support to sofas flattened over time. You can also remove these fixtures and install your own. Building a bench, for example, is a fairly simple project you can do yourself and then mount inside the RV with bolts.

Final Thoughts

Revamping your RV is the same as remodeling your home, just in a smaller space. You can still use the same principles of anchoring and cabinetry to build your own improvements, or order your own online. You’ll find that getting creative with your materials will save you a ton of money down the road as well.

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