Driving while you are travelling overseas

If you are planning to travel abroad and want to drive a car needs to learn a thing or two preferably before leaving the country. If you think that you can use your state issued driver’s license, think again. Some European countries and many other countries will either require or accept International Driving Permit (IDP) mainly issued by the Automobile Association of America (AAA). If you are planning to travel to Central and South America, you may want to carry an Inter-American Driving Permit (IADP) instead of an IDP. They both are issued by the AAA, valid for one year and issued to driver’s license holders for a fee. AAA says its permit accepted by more than 150 countries worldwide.

On the hand some rental car companies overseas also require IDP or IADP to rent a vehicle. So, make sure to get your IDP/IADP before leaving the country. You won’t be able to get an IDP/IADP while you are in another country. Keep in mind many countries will ask you to produce your passport, your driver’s license in the United States as well as your IDP/IADP. It is always advisable to check documents needed to drive in another country before you leave home.