Driving Abroad: What You Need to Know

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Just off the coast of Florida is the Cayman Islands, where roads work a little differently than they do state side. Those using Cayman car rentals must quickly acclimate to rules that people in England would readily understand. For some of us, this can be disorienting. Grand Cayman is not a little place either. It has one of the most thriving international banking industries of anywhere in the world, and tourism is at all time highs. Before you hit these roads, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules you will need to drive responsibly anywhere in the world.


Most countries have some kind of temporary license they can grant to people who know how to drive. Before acquiring a Grand Cayman rent-a-car, for instance, you will need to show your license and you may be required to take a written test. Other countries may require multiple forms of identification, and some charge for the application itself. Insurance is also a requirement, so you should contact your car insurance company about international travel before you leave the country.


It’s a good idea to briefly review a map of the area before you touch down. Map Quest and Google can be excellent resources for finding directions to your hotel, or to the car rental place, but you’ll also want to know which main roadways are located near you and get a feel for transportation needs. Grand Cayman offers shuttle service everywhere on the island, but most countries aren’t so liberal with their transportation. Plus, navigating by car is more convenient and you can go wherever you want to go. Grand Caymans car rentals offer mobility and the ability to plan your itinerary around your schedule.

Rules of the Road

In Grand Cayman, folks drive on what Americans would consider the opposite side of the road. This is normal for the British, but does take some adjusting for those who drive on the right. It’s a good idea to find a secluded area and get in some driving practice, taking special care to learn how to make a right into oncoming traffic.

Final Thoughts

Drive carefully and try to plan your routes out ahead of time. GPS is a helpful feature when you’re travelling abroad, but you don’t want to be fumbling with it in an unfamiliar territory. Preparation is most of the battle, so prepping for your journey is almost as important as observing the speed limit.

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