Do you need to buy a protection plan when you buy a new car?

Buying a new car is an experience that many of us willingly give up, if we can. Doing all research and negotiating with a dealer for a price that you think is fair is not a simple task. Dealers will use a tactic that can exhaust you and try to take advantage at a time you are drained of all your power. This is the time they overwhelm you with protection services such as extended warranty. Do you really need them?

One common protection plan that dealers will throw at you is tire protection. Unfortunately they are written in very small prints that you have no time to read them. Most plans cover only damage caused by nails only. Another one is an extended warranty for the electrical system. Keep in mind that most of newer cars don’t come with many electrical systems. But there are others that you need to consider. An extended warranty is one of them. It covers your vehicle when the manufacturer’s warranty goes away. Before buying look at the provider of the warranty, price, clearly understand what’s covered and look at your past history of repairs. If it gives you a peace of mind, then buy it.