Chevrolet Spark EV, an electric cute car

Many may not pay attention to gas mileage from a car or electric vehicle during slumping gas prices. However, 82 mile range from a charge that delivers by Chevrolet Spark EV may get every ones attention. The smallest electric vehicle from the Chevy lines of cars that comes with a price tag around $28,000. The Federal tax credit of $7,500 and some state credits such as $2,500 from the California Air Resource Board make it worthwhile to give it a serious consideration. The little hot rod is an excellent car for anyone to drive around the block.

Car weight is nearly 3,000 pounds and its lithium-ion battery contributes 560 pounds of it. Battery mounting provides better lower center of gravity and better weight distribution from front to rear. They are contributing factors for the better handling of the car and improve cornering while reducing rollover possibilities. Battery recharge takes about seven hours from a 240 volt home charger and much longer from 110 volt regular outlet. With front and rear side and full side curtain air bags and front knee air bags standard with the Spark EV, it is one of safest electric vehicles on the market.