Car Insurance for Travelers in the Caribbean

By Andy’s Rent-A-Car

Are you planning a trip to the Cayman Islands soon? If so, you have plenty to think about in order to have the best vacation possible while you’re there. Amongst the many details you need to cover, many sure a car rental in Grand Cayman is amongst them. It will make it far easier for you to get around for cheap and see all the sites you wanted to take in.

However, don’t think it’s as easy as just paying for a Cayman Islands rent a car and having a great time. That’s definitely the plan, but what if something goes wrong? You also need to think about getting insurance for the vehicle too. As a traveler though, it can be a bit different.

First, check with the rental car company. Ask them about coverage first and if they offer it automatically. Even if they do, though, check with your own insurance company before complying. You may already have all the coverage you need or have a less affordable option. Your credit card company may also offer coverage as a perk too, so make sure you check with them.

No matter what, speak to all three of these groups so you don’t wind up paying for coverage you don’t need.


Despite its relatively small size, there is no shortage of things to do on the Cayman Islands. From swimming with manta rays to tanning on the beach to visiting historical sites, you’ll have your arms full while you’re there, which is why car rentals in Cayman from Andy’s Rent-A-Car makes so much sense.