Buying a 2015 luxury compact SUV

Are you in the market to buy a compact luxury SUV? Here are some guidelines for you to follow to get the maximum benefits for your hard earned dollars.

Luxury compact SUVs are the fastest growing segment of the auto sales market. They accommodate five passengers with much ease, provide more fuel-efficiency and come with more cargo area than a compact luxury sedan. As a result of the heavy demand, you may have limited bargaining power.

Keep in mind that prices are set between mid to upper $30,000 range with an average price closer to $40,000. A base model of Infinity QX50 comes with a MSRP of around $36,000. This may be the lowest end you can find. Porsche Macan on the other hand goes for six figures. BMW X3 and Volvo XC60 have been redesigned for 2015 including efficient engines and many expect Lincoln to introduce a new MKX shortly.

Look for more fuel economy from these SUVs. The BMW X3 diesel deliver combined city/highway mpg of 30 and Mercedes Benz GLK comes with a 28 similar mpg. Even with a six-cylinder diesel engine, Audi Q5 delivers 27 combined mpg. Many hybrid options are also available for you to consider.