Appeal of electrical vehicles (EV)


Gas prices at the pump are on a downhill train thanks to new extracting technologies that provides gusher of crude oil. But even with lower gas prices going with an electrical vehicle (EV) still make sense. EVs appeal to most because it is the true answer to the carbon emission gas guzzlers. Not only that EVs help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. EVs are much quieter compared to combustible engines. Electrical engines are so simple and therefore, it is easier and less costly to maintain. But unfortunately, EV prices are still cost few thousand dollars more compared to comparable gasoline vehicles. But a Federal tax incentive up to $7,500 still available to vehicle buyers. If you live in California, additional $2,500 rebate is also available from the California Air Resources Board.

Recharging batteries still a challenge. There are fewer charging stations nationwide. Most electrical vehicles deliver on average only about 80 miles per charge. Tesla claims its vehicles deliver on average 265 miles per charge. Even though there is much talk about quick charge batteries Tesla still takes about an hour and many other brands taking much longer time to recharge. It will be driver’s dream to charge an EV within about 10 minutes.