An electric from Ford with upscale amenities


There are hatchbacks and then there is Ford Focus Electrical hatchback. With base price around $36,000, the Ford Focus Electric is one of the sportiest electrical hatchbacks available on the market. The 107-kilowatt motor expects to deliver 110 city, 99 highway and 105 combined miles per charge. That is good mileage considering the weight of the battery pack. Unfortunately it comes with a range of only 76 miles. It takes approximately four hours to recharge its lithium batters from a 240-volt outlet. Standard safety features of the car includes front side and full side curtain air bags and front knee air bags. This is why IIHS rate it Five Stars.

The car comes loaded with heated seats and xenon headlights as standard. The interior of the car is excellent with a look and feel of an upscale sedan. The battery pack unfortunately cuts into the valuable cargo space in the trunk. Also don’t get discouraged by the sticker price. Ford offer $6,500 rebate and discounts. Also, the Federal government offer up to $7,500 tax credit. If you live in California there is another rebate up to $2,500 from the California Air Resources Board.