A hot rod beauty from Ford

Car manufacturers are gaining ground after several years of lower car sales. Ford is no exception. Launched in 2011, the Ford Focus ST is an affordable car as well as a stylish one. Sticker price starting around $24,450, the Ford Focus ST is a 2.0-liter, in-line 4 with a 252-horsepower machine under the hood that comes in 6-speed manual transmission and front wheel drive. It delivers remarkable 23 city, 32 highway and 26 combined miles per gallon.

With full side curtain air bags standard, the NHTSA gives the car overall five stars. The IIHS rate it “good” and it is also a 2014 Top Safety Pick.

For 2015, Ford Focus ST has been remodeled to bring new styling in the front and the dash board has been revamped. But some finds its seats not comfortable compared to similar other vehicles. But razor sharp steering, quick power pick up, sports tuned suspensions, rear disc brakes, variable ratio steering and enhanced exhaust sounds that comes out of pipes makes owning the car all worthwhile. Big alloy wheels are an impeccable attraction for would be car enthusiast. Ford expects to market the car for average income over $125,000 a year crowd that may otherwise go for a different car.