A complete car care kit from Mothers

I received a Mothers Hardcore Enthusiast Car Care Kit as a gift for my birthday recently. Wow! What a gift it is.

I love to detail my car. I wash my car every week and some times more than once a week if it gets soaked in a rain. I have used many different brands over the years and found none that’s worth raving. But here is a product that I love to talk about.

It is a complete car care kit that comes with everything you might possibly need to make your car shine. The kit include car wash, two clay bars, micro fiber towel, reflection and spray wax, top coat, tire care and others. Best of all, my favorite is the leather conditioner which I consider, the best I ever used.

Shampoo bottle could use a little bit more. I could use couple more micro fiber towels. The clay does not come with a protective cover but could use something similar to Turtle wax clay. I am confident that the makers will take a note of these and improve the kit in the future.

I give the kit four stars out of five. Give it a try.