Tools to Keep in Your Car

If you were stranded on the side of the road, could you get yourself out of the jam? Not all of us run around with roadside assistance packages from our dealers or insurers, so it’s important to keep automotive tools handy that can fix most issues you might come across. Some blowouts and problems are unavoidable and may require a tow, but these tools will handle most concerns on the road.

Hand Tools

A series of socket wrenches will be invaluable for basic repairs, just be sure that you get a wrench that uses the same measurements that your car uses. In most cases, metric sets will be fine but you need to check your manufacturer specs to be sure. You should also have pliers handy for situations where tension and grip are needed. Lastly, a screwdriver is also very useful if you need to remove a panel or a piece of machinery from the car.

Air Compressors

A battery powered compressor with an air hose is also very useful. You can use the hose to blast away debris from the area of the car you are working with. Air compressors also add power to your tool sets through high pressure bursts of air. For extra torque, a compressor can be quite handy.

Emergency Kits

A good emergency kit is essential, and can make a long roadside wait much more manageable. Keep snacks and bottles of water handy for kids, and in case you wait too long without food. Flashlights are also handy to spot the hard-to-see nooks and crannies in your engine compartment. It also helps to have a tool you can use to break glass windows. You hope your car never ends up in a lake, but nothing beats peace of mind.

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