Three Reasons to Rely on Authentic Honda and Acura Parts

Purchasing factory-authorized replacement parts and accessories insures quality, safety and warranty protection.

When it comes to Acura and Honda accessories and parts, many car owners don’t fully understand the difference between factory-authorized parts and other replacement products. Unfortunately for them, not knowing the difference can often be a costly mistake, resulting in them getting parts that are unreliable, don’t fit or could damage their vehicle.

Whether you are buying Honda Civic parts or Acura RDX accessories, it’s important that you can trust the items you purchase. Here are three reasons why you should only rely on authorized Honda and Acura parts and accessories for your vehicle:

Reliability: Authentic Acura and Honda dealer accessories must meet rigorous standards set by the car company before it can be factory authorized. Purchasing non-authorized parts leaves you with little or no guarantee about the part’s overall quality. While you might save a few bucks on the initial purchase, that money is wasted in the long run if you have to keep buying replacement parts for broken items.

Warranty Protection: Car manufacturers are understandably leery about replacement parts and add-on accessories which haven’t been authorized to meet their high standards of quality. Just like consumers, car companies have no guarantee that a non-authorized replacement part won’t cause damage to a vehicle. Therefore, using non-authorized replacement parts and accessories can often invalidate a factory warranty. If your engine breaks because you were using a non-authorized replacement part, in many instances its repair will no longer be covered under a warranty.

Safety: When you purchase Honda Pilot or Acura TL accessories, you want to make sure they will perform at the highest level. But you also want to make sure that they are safe products that will not put you or your family in danger. Factory authorized accessories and replacement parts must meet tough safety standards in order to receive factory authorization. Purchasing these products gives you the peace of mind that you are only putting safe and dependable products on your vehicle.