Mario Theissen proposes Friday test sessions

BMW Sauber boss Mario Theissen has proposed that Friday be made all day free test sessions at every grand prix weekend. This is what he believes to be the only way to expand the calendar to twenty races without placing heavy stress on the staff. This is not the first time we’ve heard of it but it looks to be gaining some momentum now that there is no three week break next year.

Here’s what he said: “I think it would make sense, because we have all the material with us anyway,” said Theissen, proposing that Fridays became all-day free test sessions.

But while F1 fans would love the prospect of all the teams running all day one the first day of Grand Prix weekends, Theissen admits his proposal would also “have consequences” for support events like GP2.

“In my opinion 20 races is the limit — provided the testing is reduced considerably,” he said.

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