Custom cushions for cars and boats

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.   

After several years of use, you might start noticing some signs of deterioration on your vehicle’s or boat’s cushions. Factors such as moth infestation, mildew or wear and tear might be the cause of these deteriorations. Cushions that have become saggy and slouched and that have acquired humidity can release unpleasant odors and cause general discomfort. In order to improve your comfort, you might consider ripping apart your cushion covers and changing the foam filling. You can also have it done by a professional at an auto-body shop. Adopting the DIY approach would be a more cost-effective solution.

Many foam manufacturing companies offer the possibility of custom-cut boat cushions and car seat cushions. You would only have to provide your desired dimensions to have it cut to suit your project. If your cushion covers are damaged or stained, you can consider changing that too and opting for something that is more resistant and waterproof. If you own a convertible that you tend to leave open in the driveway or tend to go to the beach often, going for fast-drying custom foam cushions would be more appropriate. The same applies for your boat bench or berth foam as they are prone to water accumulations.

The Foam Factory is a foam manufacturing company that has existed since 1980. They provide various custom cushion solutions for your DIY foam replacement projects for indoor and outdoor use. Their outdoor foam dries fast and inhibit the growth of bacteria.